FootPro™ is an unique concept in the field of Foot care and is founded by professionals who have expertise in the Healthcare industry. In FootPro™, the customes can feel the difference of German standards at affordable price. We combine experience, know-how and innovative products and technologies with ultimate customer service. Whether it is Diabetic, Orthopedic or Sports related areas, we are your partner for professional foot orthotics. FootPro™ specializes in the manufacture of precision custom made Foot Orthotics. Foot Orthotics are devices that fit inside your shoes to help stabilize and correct poor foot posture.

We have launched an unique and innovative foot care system in India in the brand name ‘ FootPro™ ‘.
The complete system is backed by the German technology and is new to the Indian market.

FootPro™ has the following major market niches :

1     Diabetic
2     Orthopedic
3     Neurologic
4     KIDS
5     Sports
6     Corporate programmes

We offer a perfect business model with unmatched growth potential. The advantages are :
1     Innovative and unique products
2     Direct purchase eliminates the middle man
3     High Profit margin
4     Reduces on-hand inventory
5     Not impacted by economy
6     Not seasonal
An investment capacity of INR 25 – 30 lakh, An office space of 300 – 500 Sq.Ft
Should be focused, energetic and self motivated, Should have 3-4 employees
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